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‘Estigma’ talks about the internal prison that we build for fear of social rejection and not being loved for who we are. Officially premiered at the Fantastic Fest in the United States and selected at festivals around the world: Hofer Filmtage in Germany, International Fantastic Festival in Paris, MedFilm Festival in Italy, etc.



«Estigma», a Spanish short film to end serophobia.

Art direction of the short film ‘Estigma’, which is part of the second season of ‘Indetectables’, the first series made in Spain about HIV and other STIs where directors such as Alberto Velasco, Roberto Pérez Toledo and Abril Zamora, among others, have worked .

Production Company: NEURADS

Direction: David Velduque

Interpreters: Álvaro Fontalba, Manuel Tejera

Script: David Velduque, Marco Laborda

Production: David Velduque

Photography: Jacobo Herrero

Art: Álvaro Espinosa & Clara Maseda

Editing: Víctor J. Alvarado

Sound: Roberto HG

Music: Martín Jiménez

Filming location: Madrid

Production year: 2018

Genre: Fiction

Duration: 14 min.